New Year, New Chance

Starting this the first time around did not work out very well for me, so we’re going to try this again, with a little more structure. I’m going to try posting 3 times a week (at least) and each of the three will have a purpose:

A Book of the Week post: I am giving myself a goal of reading 52 books in 52 weeks based on this challenge. Not sure how realistic that is. So maybe I’ll at least post about what I’m reading for 52 weeks, with a personal goal of 12 books being the minimum goal. Added goal of at least 50% of those books being classics, alternating between quality reads and fun reads. I hope that if I read more, it will help to inspire Boo, who is not a reader by nature. I am in the middle of reading HP and the Goblet of Fire aloud to her at the moment, as we have read through the first three books in the past year (with a detour into The Lion, the Witch and Wardrobe). But this doesn’t count towards the challenge.

A Geeky post: We’re really into games at the moment, now that Boo is 8 and can really get into games that have a little meat. We’ve been inspired by Will Wheaton’s Tabletop and have been playing Ticket to Ride, Munchkin, Smallword, Apples to Apples, and got a couple more for Christmas. Hubby has also introduced The Secret World MMO to Boo over Winter Break, and she’s becoming a little expert (almost done with Kingsmouth!) Outside the gaming worked we have been participating in a reenactment group for the past year and my daughter is learning archery and wants to get into the arts projects end of things. So I’ll post about what geeky/artsy-type thing Boo or I did during the week (or didn’t get to).

The third post? I’m not honestly sure what that will yet. At least it will be one of those Wordless Wednesday picture posts. I’m also looking to try to do the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home (you can stop laughing now… breathe). Maybe I’ll write about that to keep me honest. The point is to write a post, and I’ll leave it a little flexible as to not block myself into an impossible box.

So we’ll see how this goes and hopefully 2013 will be a productive year on a personal level.

The obligatory intro post!

Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace!

I guess the first order of the day is to introduce myself and explain why I have chosen to invade the blog world with my ramblings.

Cast of Characters:

Me (Erin aka geekraisinggeek): Graphic designer by trade, I’m a full-time working mom who is a self-proclaimed “geek of many genres.” As fitting my Gemini nature – I go both ways – Mac and PC. But in all honestly, I have for years thought of myself as “A Mac Girl in a PC World – which explains why my OS does not play well with others.”™

The random things that make my heart pitter patter – books (ah, the smell of antique books in the morning!), theatre, historical reenactment, dance, fine art, sci-fi, history, mystery, romance, musicals, gaming (you name it – board, console, PC, MMO, PnP), graphic novels, digital scrapbooking, time travel and all things Disney.

Boo (my 6 year old daughter): My geeklette-in-training. By day, she is a ornery first grader, who takes dance lessons, is a Girl Scout and is an ICarly fanatic. But the geek force is strong in this one – she loves dressing up for renaissance festivals, playing the Blood Bowl board game and recently rolled her first PnP character. Her loves are science and math and PE, so I’m not entirely sure she’s not a changeling.

Spookydad (my husband): Also a geek, but doesn’t like the label. He’s our resident PC/MMORPG/PnP game guru. Doesn’t venture far from his life source – his computer. But an understanding man who puts up with most anything I throw at him. Oh yes, and he also is on a novice hockey league and loves donuts.

So why are we here?

The purpose of this blog it twofold, one, to document the fun, adventures and tribulations of raising my own little geeklette. To that end, I hope to share all things fun and geeky we find along the way and maybe throw in a little commentary as well.

I would like this to become something more than a vanity blog and actually be an active contributor to the geek and parenting communities. But we’ll see how it all pans out.

I’m going to blog for a month or two before I start telling people IRL, so if you do happen to run into this blog please feel free to introduce yourself, share your story or let me know what I’m doing wrong LOL.

Thanks for visiting!